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  Human Resources Policy
Human Resources Idea: identified with corporate culture, possess political integrity and professional ability, and integrity is the first!
—       In terms of talents selection ,cultivation and motivation, Youngy insists on adopt the principle of “ Possess political integrity and professional ability, and integrity is the first!”,and the “political integrity” especially contains identification with corporate culture.
—       In terms of employment, Youngy puts high priority on political integrity. A talent with integrity is trust worthy; A man with integrity is less trust worthy; A talent without integrity should be trust carefully; A man without integrity is worthless.
Human Resources Strategy: Scout for talents, train for profession, and inspire for potential.
—       Youngy treats talents as the most cherished fortune. Instead of limiting those real talents into one type, Youngy prefers to bring their ability into play.
——Youngy provides every employee with good training opportunity, in order to let Youngy become the employees’ grow up cradle and grown-up generous soil.
—       Youngy makes great efforts to provide every contributive employees with reasonable promotion, cherish and rewards, with the purpose to perfectly reflect the talents’ value in Youngy.
Human Resources Management: People oriented, talents are the most valuable capital.
——Youngy insists on carry out the principle of “People Oriented” throughout management, and its idea, system and operation all show lovely care for humanity.
——Youngy believes that talents is the capital to create value. The whole group is created by the employees. The ultimate goal of human resources management is to set up good operation systems, create extensive development platforms, and provide abundant conditions. In order to  maximize all the talents’ value and achieve corporate goal and pursue.
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