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Mineral Industry
    Youngy Group established the GanZi Rongda Lithium Co.,Ltd in 2005 to exploit the spodumene mine in Xiajika Village, Kangding County, Sichuan Province. The mine has a reserve of 32 million tons of spodumene together with rare metals such as beryllium, tantalum and columbium, worth approximately RMB 15 billion. It is the No.1 in the world in terms of reserve volume and No.1 in China interms of quality grade. The geological conditions are superior and the mine is suitable for opencast exploitation. Until now, the capacity of ore exploitation and concentration is over 3000 tons per day. It has become the biggest and most technically advanced spodumene ores exploitation and concentration company in China. Ganzi Rongda is now building a hydrometallurgical smelting factory in Luding County, Si Chuan Province, with a capacity of annual production of 1 500 tons lithium salts including lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide. We holds 49% share of Ganzi Rongda as of today.
  The Democratic Republic of Congo has richful mineral resources, known as the Depot of the World’s Raw Materials and the Geologic Miracle. Particularly, DRC has the No.1 cobalt reserve in the world, up to 73.4 million tons, taking up 48.57% of the total reserve in the world. Its reserve of copper and nickel are also at the very front. In 2009, Young Group entered DRC and so far has got remarkable achievements. Today, the local subsidiary company of Young Group in DRC supplies several hundred metal tons of copper and cobalt concentrate and blister per month to the group’s downstream manufacturing companies. The subsidiary company has obtained the exploitation right and operation right of several copper and cobalt mines by acquisition and cooperation. In the mean time, a procution base with a capacity of annual production of 3 000 tons of copper concentrate, 6 000 tons of cobalt carbonate, and 3 000 tons of cobalt metal plate has entered into the stage of plant site selection and designing.
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