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Metallurgy Chemical
    Chaohu Youngy Metal Technology Co., Ltd., is a hydrometallurgical smelting factory invested and built by Young Group, located in Chaohu Economic Development Zone. It utilizes raw materials mainly purchased from DRC, such as cobalt, copper and nickel, to produce chemical and metal products, such as Co3O4, cobalt carbonate, cobalt sulfate, cobalt oxalate, cobalt(II) oxide, nickel sulfate, copper sulfate, and etc., plus byproducts of electrodeposited copper, electrodeposited cobalt, electrodeposited nickel, and etc. The factory has a land area of 300 mu (199 800 m2). The production technology is in international advanced level. Its annual capacity of production of copper, nickel and cobalt reaches 5000 metal tons and it is now one of the largest cobalt smelting factories in China.
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