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   The guarantee business in Youngy Group started in 2002. It is one of the first guarantee agencies that entered the Pilot program of Sme Credit Guarantee System qualified by National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). Now Youngy Group has two guarantee branches, one is Guangdong Youngy Financing and Guarantee Co., Ltd. and the other is Shenzhen Youngy Guarantee Co., Ltd. They mainly operate in the well developed Zhujiang delta area. As of today they employ more than 70 professionals specializing in business promotion, risk management and legal process. So far the group has guaranteed loans worth RMB 5 billion, including loan guarantee, bond guarantee, investment and finance guarantee for nearly 200 small and medium enterprises. We have established good business relationships with dozens of commercial banks. We are warranted a total guarantee limit of more than RMB 6 billion. We enjoy a high reputation among the banking sector, the business community and the guarantee industry. Guangdong Youngy Financing and Guarantee Co., Ltd was rated AA + credit guarantee agency by South Faith Securities Evaluation Company in 2009, and awarded as 2009 Guangdong Outstanding Guarantee Agency by Guangdong SME Bureau and Guangdong Credit Guarantee Association.
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