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Ever since the beginning, Security Investment has been our key business which maintained great performance. Regarding to Security Investment, we have built up three competitive advantages.
Firstly, value discovery capability. With our accumulated experience in operating industrial business successfully, we are capable to analyze and appraise any stocks correctly, which lead to astute investment decisions.
Secondly, mass client connection. The Group has maintained a client network covering different industries and countries. Therefore we have access to great amount of effective information, which enables us to make accurate judgments on macro economy and market situation.
Thirdly, professional operation. In our security investment practices, we have achieved so called “4 professions” in following fields: team-working, decision-making, investment-operating and risk-controlling.
We used to focus on investing in the capital markets of mainland China and Hong Kong SAR. Our next step will move on to capital markets in Europe and the United States. Additionally, we will start investing in bond markets..
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